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If you are looking for the effective method of promoting your website, or product online, positioning will meet your expectations. It is worth examining, especially that you pay only for the reached effects!

  • 91% consumers find desired results on the very 1 site 91%
  • 32% consumers click on the first position on the first site 32%
  • 5% consumers do continue to 2nd page of search engine 5%

The basic way to look for information online, have become Internet search engines. It is worth noticing that it is very rare to go through the entire search results that are displayed online. More often one is satisfied with first few websites and stop looking once the desired data is found on those first viewed pages. Then imagine that your website is on 11th position in the Google engine search. The quality of your product, or attractive prices will not matter, as the clients already picked competitive offer found on website which had 8th position – not even visiting your website. Even it was so close.

The order of searched results is not random. There are specific factors which we can influence to improve position of website. The higher the website is placed, the bigger is probability that the client will visit it.

Our company will prepare adequate code of your website and we will select the key words, which are typed most often and adjust their popularity to the planned financial scope of action. Moreover we provide comprehensive reports, for your sense of safety and successful results of the campaign. Invested financial costs are never to be lost. We charge you only for the visible effects, that is your website reaching the highest positions in the search engines online.

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