Programming and website supervision

We specialize in programming works of various levels of sophistication, starting with basic websites, through the expanded systems integrating various high technologies. We do operate both on CMS and the Open Source type. The vast experience and commitment of our team make us right and ready to undertake even the biggest programming challenges.

If the functionality of your website doesn’t meet your expectations, you definitely should contact us. Not only do we prepare free valuation of the ordered works, but also prepare individual suggestions, which are there to improve your website and bring it to new level of functionality.

Technologies used: PHP, CSS, HTML (xHTML), HTML5, mySQL, postgreSQL, RWD – Responsive Web Design, XML, Soap, JS, jQuery, AJAX, Zend, SOAP, API, SVN, and the online payment.

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Website supervision

Having the company website will not grant you certain success. Not only the existence in the online world itself is significant, but more importantly, the quality of existence, which is attractive and well prospering website. The website which do not function properly may result in totally opposite effect then desired. Through inadequate solutions implied on the site, consumer is often discouraged from being initially interested in company, or product of yours.

Therefore, we offer you a complex supervision of your website. We will make sure that your website does meet established goals and make you gain new clients instead of loosing them. We will devote any time and attention needed for your website to reach its functionality. We value our clients, so the price you pay does strictly match the actual time spent on working on your website. In the case when programming take 20h one month, and 40h on next one, then we account it hourly.

Works range:

  • Creating new software and making corrective changes on the current one
  • HTML (xHTML)
  • HTML 5
  • RWD – Responsive Web Design – website adjustment for the mobile devices.
  • JavaScript, jQuery,
  • Soap
  • PHP, MySQL, postgreSQL
  • CSS
  • Ajax, XML
  • Zend
  • API
  • SVN
  • Designing graphic layout consistent with visual identification of the company
  • Consulting via phone calls with the programmer responsible for specific project
  • Viruses removal out of the websites
  • Training and workshop in the field of entering content online, which will allow you to edit your website individually without any specialist knowledge on html
  • Monthly report on executed works

In case of any doubts or questions

Don’t hesitate and contact us!

We realize that not everyone is an Internet specialist, which is why we are glad to offer you a professional consulting!

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