Mailing Campaigns

We possess only legal and registered databases!

Mailing is very powerful marketing tool if only you know how to use it properly. Creating adequate database of companies’ email addresses and choosing specific organizations, which can be potentially interested in your product, is the key to success. The chance of gaining a great number of new business contacts is high, if the offer is well written and formed in a kind manner.

Do not know what to choose?

Contact us and we will choose for you targeting cutumers , with a choice of the specific city!

More information

There is also an option of preparing the mailing template, which will draw your customers’ eye by attractive visual valor and let them read the offer easily due to the properly encoded content, which will be displayed in optimal form on receiver’s email.

We do have, foreign email databases, as well as national, which can also be filtered by chosen category. It is important to notice we do not transfer databases.

After mailing

you can analyze the results of the campaign.


Inform us what are your expectations and we will prepare for you free valuation!

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